Friday, May 27, 2016

The Face of Migration @ Nordic Museum Stockholm

Exhibition: The Face of Migration
15 Women with Roots in Greece tell their Stories
On display:
25 May 2016 – 8 Jan 2017
The most important memory – from one life to another
What would you bring as a memory if you left your country, your origin, your context? What stories can material memories convey in the new life to the next generation?
Objects are carriers of stories. They can evoke memories of fragrances, tastes, sounds and light. What objects that become important cultural carriers when leaving your country for another is very individual. We asked 15 members of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, Stockholm. In the exhibition you will meet them through their stories and chosen objects as well as through their portraits taken by Spyros Vagelakis.

The Lyceum Club of Greek Women was founded in 1911 in Athens by the Greek author, teacher, journalist and feminist Kalliroi Parren. She became one of Greece's foremost advocates for women's right to education and work. Today the club has 16,000 members in Greece and abroad. The activities are entirely based on voluntary action. An important part of the activities is to preserve and to pass on Greek traditions to the next generation.
Today there are about 20 000 people of Greek origin living in Sweden. Most of them came during the years 1965-1970. They came to Sweden for different reasons: through marriage, to study, to work or to seek protection for political views.

The exhibition deals with issues about migration as well as integration and multiculturalism.

The exhibition is collaboration between the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, Stockholm,
the Embassy of Greece and the Nordic Museum.

For further information:

Ulla-Karin Warberg, curator Nordiska museet

Lotta Wallgren, press Nordiska museet

foto  Karolina Kristensson

foto  Karolina Kristensson

foto  Karolina Kristensson

foto  Karolina Kristensson

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